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The ability to respond quickly: French ready-to-wear attacks fashion market

Zara is famous for quickly response, then… what’s the difference with French Brands?

French Contemporary Brands work with the image: the location (trendy neighbors like Notting Hill), high-end interior aesthetics and an amazing customer service. The experienced sales assistants offer genuine tips.

Brands like Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, Zadig&VolataireThe Kooples or Comptoir des Cotonniers attack the fashion market. But, which is the answer? Marc By, D&G, new Kenzo…

The colossal companies understood the influence and potential of these brands. In September 2010 LVMH bought SMCP, instead Comptoir des Cotonniers was bought in 2006 by Fast Retailing (the Japanese group that owns Uniqlo and Theory).

Sandro, Maje, Comptoir des Cotonniers and Zadig & Voltaire are more focused in US, while The Kooples in UK. An example is the new image of Maje: Alexa Chung, to develop the US market.


The pricing+ quality command the market… brands have to define a niche and develop a clear image associated it.

Do you think that every brand has a niche? or is it a saturated market?

Source: Reuters


Tattoo mania: branded bodies

The luxury brands have a new media for their commercial… Our body.

At the end of 2012 Chanel filled the runway with his tattoos, and immediately Tumblr, Instagram and the rest of the visual social media posted this new trend. But really, do people want to be branded? What’s the difference between a branded handbag and a branded tattoo in your legs? Believe me, the line is becoming subtle.


But it not only, others brands follow Chanel, Just Cavalli in his last commercial shows a girl full of JC tattoos. Just now, just fun, just me?? … JUST BRANDED


Best Retail Brands 2011

has presented the 2011 Best Retail Brands study, the summary and trends of retail brands’ performance in 2010. They define this report as optimism.

Interbrand’s report has identified three emerging trends for 2011:

* Customer’s demand for a more seamless retail experience.
* The need for human touch in all interactions.
* An increasingly interrelated global retail market.

The textile sector in Spain leads the ranking with Zara (leading brand of Iniditex) as protagonist.