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I want my dinner time back!

When I look at my diet today I’ve given up many things moving to UK. Mediterranean diet sounds as a delicatessen to me and 10£ for one course in a restaurant like a bargain. I’ve adapted to the UK supper times, having dinner at 7:30 pm and being starving at 10 pm. However I’m happy with all of that.

If there is something that I will not abandon is my dinner. Eating is not cheating and a pint and nachos is not a dinner.

Society is becoming more individual focused, pickier, families are fragmented, different diets, intolerance, allergies…. Only 1 in 5 people eat their evening meals as a family around a dining table. Meals for 1 person has become the most usual catering representing 44% when in 1980 were 33%.

Source: Kantar usage Pane l& EDR

Source: Kantar WP

When in 1964 everybody was eating the same thing, evening meal was a formal appointment in the house, home cooked and more important “sitting down”. Not in front of the computer eating a sandwich (the UK’s most popular meal).

Home cooked has become a “tonight I will treat myself”. People are spending less and less time in the kitchen taken to prepare and cook the main meal. From 60 minutes in 1980 to 23 minutes in 2013.

I remain in the 1964, call me vintage but a sandwich in Tesco on the way to the pub is not dinner.


Inglorious fruits and vegetables, I will buy you!

Food waste is a major issue in UK. We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which could have been eaten. It’s costing £12.5bn a year and is bad for the environment too.

Loads of not-for-profit organisation are trying to raise awarness of the need to reduce food waste. “Love Food Hate Waste” is one of them (backed by Government funding from England, NI, Scotland and Wales).

The french supermarket “Intermarché” has found an amazing solution: “ugly fruits and vegetables” 30% cheaper. (currently 3 million views)

Supermarkets were always scared to buy “ugly fruits and vegetables”, for risk not being appealing to the shoppers. “Intermarché” sold out of them!


I cannot wait that at least one of the big four (Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s) will follow this mindset. 

The best training ever: how to prepare an English breakfast tea

I’ve improved a lot from my first day in the office. My poker face when one of my colleagues told me “please not too milky” was priceless.


So I ask my manager for the best training ever “how to prepare the perfect English breakfast tea”…  I had discovered days after that she’s a dark tea benchmark

I’m still very confused about “breakfast” because people drink at 5pm…

English breakfast tea is a black tea originating from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. It is one of the most popular blended teas and the most common form of tea in British tea culture.

The most famous supermarket  brands are Twinings, Taylors of Harrogate and PG Tips.

Very interesting and easy concepts for my adaptation in England however I will carry on with my green tea!

But I’ve found better solutions for foreigners… bring your own “tea pantone” and make your team happy!

tea pantone

Meal deals: selling solutions no stuff

“Our homes may be full of cooking books but we’re nation spending less&Less time in the kitchen” this affirmation from Kantar Worldpanel make think me about my fancy colorful books from Jaime Oliver in kitchen…


32 minutes is the average of how long we spend cooking the main evening meal.

From “15 minutes” with Jamie Oliver TV program to the growth of “Tesco Finest” ready to cook/eat and “Taste-the-difference” (Sainsbury’s) we have evident changes on the shopping bag for the dinner.

So how the retailers are approaching these changes? They’re selling solutions, they’re becoming the Ikea of the food!

“10£ dinner for two” in Marks&Spencer is a good example as how a retailer can take advantage of a lack of time to cook to upsell products per trip. The meals deals are 1/3 of the revenue in the retailer.

Tesco Finest is another example of the approach to make the preparation of the dinner as fancy and ready as it’s possible.

The discounters and convenience stores are the only faces growing this year, one of the reasons is the change of the habits. I will focus on the convenience store, where we go to buy something fast for dinner.  They have a really good opportunity to grow in the mid-week evening meals. Must probably they can benefit for a switching from the main fast food chains. The clearly response from the retailers is new convenience store: as Morrison has opened 100 M local stores and Tesco 150 Tesco Express.

This open a huge spectrum of possibilities to cross categories in the meal deals to create more occasions to eat some products, for example yoghurt as a dessert if you add 1£ more… give me solution if I haven’t planned a dessert.



Best Retail Brands 2011

has presented the 2011 Best Retail Brands study, the summary and trends of retail brands’ performance in 2010. They define this report as optimism.

Interbrand’s report has identified three emerging trends for 2011:

* Customer’s demand for a more seamless retail experience.
* The need for human touch in all interactions.
* An increasingly interrelated global retail market.

The textile sector in Spain leads the ranking with Zara (leading brand of Iniditex) as protagonist.

This is viral marketing


Adidas France – 3D Mapping Projection from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

Adidas said “When it comes to 3D mapping projection – It is still always all about creativity, not the tools. An emotional connection with the brand is essential regardless of the medium.”

The campaign  called “Adidas is all in,” launched last Wednesday at the “Palais du Pharo” in Marseille, France.

Nielsen and My coupon codes talk about E-Commerce anniversary

Vogue ha messo ha disposizione il primo numero di Vogue Italia del 1965 e il primo numero diretto da Franca Sozzani del 1988 online.

Clicca qui e con il codice 40392500 potrai vedere questi due gioielli.

Sono rimasta stupefatta di la pubblicità di cosmetici e profumi di 40 anni fa, quando il prodotto era il centro dell’attenzione.

Deve Barbie ritornare con Ken?

Mattel ha lanciato una nuova campagna di Digital Marketing per promuovere la riconciliazione di una delle coppie più famose del mondo, Barbie e Ken. Il giorno di San Valentino del 2004 Barbie ha lasciato Ken, ma dal 2006 Ken è cambiato per riconquistare il cuore della sua bambola con l’aiuto dei Social Network.

Il 50° anniversario di Ken è il cuore del sito, che utilizza Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare y Youtube per dare impulso al lancio di “Sweet Talking Ken”.

Tra tutti, quello che mi è piaciuto di più è Foursquare per come ricorda i posti ed i momenti che Ken ha vissuto con Barbie,  ad esempio: “Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barbie could spend hours looking at the timeless art, and I could spend hours looking at Barbie”. O ancora su Facebook il belloccio di Mattel può caricare video, parlare di brands e dei suoi posti preferiti.

Ma tutto questo non è a senso unico, Barbie infatti commenta e parla su cosa sta facendo Ken per ritornare al suo fianco, mostrandosi “preziosa”. Ne risulta così agli osservatori una storia abbastanza interessante e interattiva per la quale, secondo Mattel, il lieto fine è ancora lontano.

 “Catch Me If You Ken” per la scorsa Fashion’s Night Out de Nueva York.

“Catch Me If You Ken” per la scorsa Fashion’s Night Out di New York.

Cup-cakes speciali di San Valentino della pasticceria Magnolia.

Cup-cakes speciali di San Valentino della pasticceria Magnolia.


Mattel ha lanciato una nuova campagna di Digital Marketing per promuovere la riconciliazione di una delle coppie più famose del mondo, Barbie e Ken. Il giorno di San Valentino di 2004 Barbie ha lasciato a Ken, ma da 2006 Ken ha cambiato per riconquistare il cuore della sua bambola con l’aiuto delle Social Network.

Gucci to launch beauty products

Gucci is expanding into cosmetics world following other fashion brands like Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana.

A lot of brands think that the launch of the cosmetic products is a perfect solution to development the masstige label in this moment when the luxury brands suffer the slowdown.

Procter&Gamble will produce the beauty products for them, the brand has renewed the beauty license, an example is the new fragrance, Guilty.

A launch date and details of the Gucci palette are yet to be disclosed.