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Tattoo mania: branded bodies

The luxury brands have a new media for their commercial… Our body.

At the end of 2012 Chanel filled the runway with his tattoos, and immediately Tumblr, Instagram and the rest of the visual social media posted this new trend. But really, do people want to be branded? What’s the difference between a branded handbag and a branded tattoo in your legs? Believe me, the line is becoming subtle.


But it not only, others brands follow Chanel, Just Cavalli in his last commercial shows a girl full of JC tattoos. Just now, just fun, just me?? … JUST BRANDED



Oh Alber, I like it a lot (new buzz campaign spring-summer 2013)

Alber Elbaz is the new protagonist of the spring-summer 2013 Lanvin campaign. 66K views in 5 days, but it just started.

Alber was in Paris due to Hurricane Sandy in New York. The artistic director was unable to assist at the shoot in America, so took to Skype to give his direction to the team.

The Steven Miesel’s photos (just this once) are in second line in a eccentric BUZZ campaign

Source: FMAG