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I want my dinner time back!

When I look at my diet today I’ve given up many things moving to UK. Mediterranean diet sounds as a delicatessen to me and 10£ for one course in a restaurant like a bargain. I’ve adapted to the UK supper times, having dinner at 7:30 pm and being starving at 10 pm. However I’m happy with all of that.

If there is something that I will not abandon is my dinner. Eating is not cheating and a pint and nachos is not a dinner.

Society is becoming more individual focused, pickier, families are fragmented, different diets, intolerance, allergies…. Only 1 in 5 people eat their evening meals as a family around a dining table. Meals for 1 person has become the most usual catering representing 44% when in 1980 were 33%.

Source: Kantar usage Pane l& EDR

Source: Kantar WP

When in 1964 everybody was eating the same thing, evening meal was a formal appointment in the house, home cooked and more important “sitting down”. Not in front of the computer eating a sandwich (the UK’s most popular meal).

Home cooked has become a “tonight I will treat myself”. People are spending less and less time in the kitchen taken to prepare and cook the main meal. From 60 minutes in 1980 to 23 minutes in 2013.

I remain in the 1964, call me vintage but a sandwich in Tesco on the way to the pub is not dinner.