What about Fairtrade?

I was watching last week a documentary in BBC player about how “unfair” the tea world in Africa is. You can still watch it here.

“Adventurer and journalist Simon Reeve heads to Kenya and Uganda to uncover the stories behind Britain’s favourite drink, meeting the people who pick, pack and transport tea”

I love tea; I’m a heavy user… I cannot feel guilty 4 times per day! So Fairtrade will be adding to my shopping list. I didn’t know that some of my favourite brands are Fairtrade.


1.- Clipper

“Clipper is incredibly proud to offer an entire range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate which is Fairtrade. Fairtrade means working progressively; better prices for producers, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers in the developing world. We only work with producers who are striving to improve standards of welfare for workers and their families.”


2.- Pukka


3.- MS Tea


4.- Taylor’s



Dietox: new trendy diet

Healthy is THE new trend, it’s a fact. The brands know about it perfectly, from H&M with the new workout collection to the new Chanel trainers couture.

And in health stuff, DETOX is the new “must”. I have a weakness with detox diet, I have to be honest and I’m not the only one.  Because the “dietox” is based in juice and soups that can help us to have an alkaline balance in our bodies. I am a veggie lover, so how can I say no to a superfood colourful green smoothie full of vitamins and benefits?

And this is the reason that we have in front of us a business with a huge development. From the Blenders, mixers and food processors to the “Detox Package”. I went to Waitrose in Canary Wharf last Saturday and they had organized a “performance” with a £499 food processors to incentive the sales.

However I’m really surprised about how the “delivery detox diet” are proliferating in the market. Below I show you my TOP 5. They provide really cool tips and some of them the recipes of their products. For sure January is the peak of the year for them.

1.- DIETOX reset your body , Spanish company 🙂

Dietox is a food therapy that is based on an ancient practice beneficial to health: the fast Dietox consists in stopping eating solid foods and taking only liquids with a total energy intake lower than 1000 calories a day.

2.- Purearth

Purearth deliver raw, organic, cold-pressed + ultra fresh juice cleanse programmes to your door. Our detox cleanses get you healthy and happy harmoniously


3.- Plenish Pantry makeovers. They provide “healthy personal shopping trainings”

“For us, cleansing is primarily about Health Gain, while Weight Loss, glowing skin and bright eyes are certainly nice side effects.”

The founder is the famous Kara Rosen, over  a decade she’s worked in Condé Nast in New York for magazines such as Condé Nast Traveler, Men’s VOGUE, and celeb obsessed PEOPLE. One of the reasons this company is one of the most famous. Full of publicity around the world when you have the right contacts and a great idea!!

4.- Honestly healthy really real food

“Freshly prepared Alkaline food delivered to your door: Our menu is made up of local, seasonal produce and is organic wherever possible. Have a look here for what is on the menu next week”

You define your goals and they bring the menu to you desk, home, canteen!!

5.- Purifyne  juice cleanse to your door

London based, Purifyne Cleanse is the leading provider of certified organic cold-pressed juices, juice cleanse plans, smoothies and boosters. Providing the largest variety of certified organic, cold-pressed juices in the U.K, our Juice Cleanse Plans are designed to detoxify and cleanse the body.




Who says sandwiches are boring?

Brittany Powell and Tae Kitakata with his “Sandwich Artist” make me think, how many sandwiches have I eaten in the last month?
Pret a manger, EAT, Tesco reduced price… Whenever I was eating a sandwich I became convinced that is healthy, “my second sandwich today but is full of salad…”
However I haven’t thought in my fast food like ART. From today, I require a painting in my sandwich.


Hipster, the famous mustache in Camden Town

But, what’s Hipster? Hipsters are a subculture (USA 20′-30′) identified with values like independent thinking, progressive politics, art appreciation and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter (a polemic person for the rest)

Hipster refuses the mass market and due to mainstream consumers. Vintage clothes, skinny jeans, retro sneackers (Converse, maybe Dr. Martens…), big hand-made eyeglasses (Turineyes) are wore by this “subculture”. The look is very androgynous and messy. Really, the irony is much of them are followers of mass brand (Apple??)

But you can not belong to an urban tribe If you aren’t dressed with their respective brands: The Kooples, Urban Outfitters, American Retro, American Apparel, United Nude (incredible Dutch shoes designer)…

However, Why am I talking about hipster? Because I’m very interested in the hipster’s women approach… She defines herself self-confident and she doesn’t need to wear sexy skinny-dress to feel feminine. The feminism have a strong influence in her minds…

Sometimes I think, “Today I feel Hipster”, but for me it´s a synonym of self-confident, casual and cool. At any rate, I fell in love with my new French Connection Bandage Dress, and I don’t feel a symbol, I’m feel SEXY (point)


The ability to respond quickly: French ready-to-wear attacks fashion market

Zara is famous for quickly response, then… what’s the difference with French Brands?

French Contemporary Brands work with the image: the location (trendy neighbors like Notting Hill), high-end interior aesthetics and an amazing customer service. The experienced sales assistants offer genuine tips.

Brands like Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, Zadig&VolataireThe Kooples or Comptoir des Cotonniers attack the fashion market. But, which is the answer? Marc By, D&G, new Kenzo…

The colossal companies understood the influence and potential of these brands. In September 2010 LVMH bought SMCP, instead Comptoir des Cotonniers was bought in 2006 by Fast Retailing (the Japanese group that owns Uniqlo and Theory).

Sandro, Maje, Comptoir des Cotonniers and Zadig & Voltaire are more focused in US, while The Kooples in UK. An example is the new image of Maje: Alexa Chung, to develop the US market.


The pricing+ quality command the market… brands have to define a niche and develop a clear image associated it.

Do you think that every brand has a niche? or is it a saturated market?

Source: Reuters

Tattoo mania: branded bodies

The luxury brands have a new media for their commercial… Our body.

At the end of 2012 Chanel filled the runway with his tattoos, and immediately Tumblr, Instagram and the rest of the visual social media posted this new trend. But really, do people want to be branded? What’s the difference between a branded handbag and a branded tattoo in your legs? Believe me, the line is becoming subtle.


But it not only, others brands follow Chanel, Just Cavalli in his last commercial shows a girl full of JC tattoos. Just now, just fun, just me?? … JUST BRANDED


Oh Alber, I like it a lot (new buzz campaign spring-summer 2013)

Alber Elbaz is the new protagonist of the spring-summer 2013 Lanvin campaign. 66K views in 5 days, but it just started.

Alber was in Paris due to Hurricane Sandy in New York. The artistic director was unable to assist at the shoot in America, so took to Skype to give his direction to the team.

The Steven Miesel’s photos (just this once) are in second line in a eccentric BUZZ campaign

Source: FMAG

Primark, decision problems

Everytime I go to Primark, I use to have decision problems

This Irish company opened in 1971 in Ireland. Nowadays it has almost 300 stores.

Primark is synonymous of POPULAR:  popular sizes, popular trends, popular design, popular colors and popular BIG BRAS.

But, is there a problem with Primark? Yes, when you’re waring something from Primark, everyone nows it. Until two days ago hadn’t had a problem fo french peolple, instead Primark communicate today that it will open a store in France.

I several recommended the Facebook Page.Imagen

The LONDON Underground 150TH anniversary


The new ad is wonderful: simple and engaged.

But my favourite ad has been always the follow it:

lease stand on the right of the escalator, by Fougasse, 1944

Please stand on the right of the escalator, by Fougasse, 1944

You can visit the campaign in the Tube website


To say thank you on the social media

To say thank on the social media