Hipster, the famous mustache in Camden Town

But, what’s Hipster? Hipsters are a subculture (USA 20′-30′) identified with values like independent thinking, progressive politics, art appreciation and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter (a polemic person for the rest)

Hipster refuses the mass market and due to mainstream consumers. Vintage clothes, skinny jeans, retro sneackers (Converse, maybe Dr. Martens…), big hand-made eyeglasses (Turineyes) are wore by this “subculture”. The look is very androgynous and messy. Really, the irony is much of them are followers of mass brand (Apple??)

But you can not belong to an urban tribe If you aren’t dressed with their respective brands: The Kooples, Urban Outfitters, American Retro, American Apparel, United Nude (incredible Dutch shoes designer)…

However, Why am I talking about hipster? Because I’m very interested in the hipster’s women approach… She defines herself self-confident and she doesn’t need to wear sexy skinny-dress to feel feminine. The feminism have a strong influence in her minds…

Sometimes I think, “Today I feel Hipster”, but for me it´s a synonym of self-confident, casual and cool. At any rate, I fell in love with my new French Connection Bandage Dress, and I don’t feel a symbol, I’m feel SEXY (point)




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